Merestone Surveying
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We specialize in CIVIL ENGINEERING, LAND SURVEYING and GIS Services throughout the Midwest.
Precise, accurate measurement is essential to the viability of any construction and to the complete understanding of the land surveyed. We prepare your structure’s groundwork so that your work can become the landscape.

Civil Engineering
Dams, bridges, buildings-- the success of a project may be gauged by its imperceptibility or its prominence. We relate to the meticulous attention you pay to every blueprint, regardless of its visibility.


Road Engineering
Land Surveying
Storm water infrastructure
Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure
Subdivision Design

Land Surveying
You know your plans for your land. We ensure that your first step is on sturdy ground. Whether for the establishment of boundaries, surveys resulting in title acquisition, or a survey needed for another purpose, our services are varying and thorough.


Boundary Surveys
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
Design Survey
Subdivision Platting

There’s no more thorough way to understand land than through the development of a Geographic Information System. We also generate extensions to the standard offered system, increasing your ability to reference, understand and determine the best use of your resources.


Geographic Information Systems
Database Development
ArcGIS Server development
Basemap Creation
Customized maps